AWOL Vision is committed to taking home entertainment to the next level.

AWOL Vision was founded in 2020 by a group of TV enthusiasts who wanted to prove that you don't have to compromise to watch TV at home - the TV can be bigger, brighter and easier to set up than traditional TVs.

In March 2022, AWOL Vision, equipped with Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser Technology, launched the 150'' 4K UHD 3D Laser TV - LTV-3500 and the Trichroma UST 4K UHD 3D Laser Projector - LTV-2500. With their color richness, light weight, intelligence and hassle-free setup, LTV-3500 and LTV-2500 make the dream of a true private cinema come true within your budget. They offer people a truly immersive experience, whether they are watching films, television series, concerts or sporting events.

In June 2022, AWOL Vision opened the first UST Triple Laser TV store in the United States.

In August 2022, AWOL Vision launched the 120'' rollable 4K UHD 3D Laser TV - AWOL Vision Vanish. Vanish TV can turn any room into a cinema in minutes. People no longer have to worry about the large screen not fitting in the room or being able to be placed on the wall. Ultimately, this innovation will take people's lifestyles to the next level.

In September 2022, AWOL Vision launched the 150'' Ambient Light Rejection screen. The largest ALR screen at this time. In conjunction with the LTV-3500, it brings home an impressive cinema experience.

AWOL Vision continues to work on making the products better, smarter and accessible to more and more people, so that in the end everyone has a dream cinema at home that never goes out of date.