100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen
100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen

100''-120'' Daylight ALR Screen

price offer€1.399,00 EUR
Screen size:100"
Lieferzeit des 132" Cinematic-ALR-Leinwands: ca. 30 Tage nach Bestellung

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WHY ALR DAY LIGHT SCREEN (Fresnel screen)?

In conjunction with our UST ALR Day Light Screen, you can significantly improve your viewing experience with a UST laser projector. The Fresnel lens structure and 8 layers of optical structure filters improve brightness and contrast while counteracting the washout effect of ambient light. It is perfect for living rooms in bright surroundings.


Our D100 ALR daylight screen can effectively resist the influence of ambient light by 85% and achieves 80% improvement in image quality with 1.1dB peak gain, 50% higher than similar projection screens. The contrast values ​​are up to 75 times higher than conventional matt white screens and ensure first-class color fidelity.

Most frequently asked questions and answers

How do I choose between C100/C120/C150 and D100 from AWOL VISION?
C100/C120/C150 Cinematic Screen are characterized by their ceiling light suppression and do not block side light. For environments with controlled ambient light, such as living rooms or bedrooms with ceiling lights, they offer the best viewing experience. The contrast, ceiling light rejection and viewing angle are better than the D100 daylight screen.

D100 ALR daylight screen: This screen can reject both side and ceiling light. It is suitable for use day and night. If you want to enjoy a 100" TV experience with bright lights in your living room even during the day, the D100 is the best choice. Combined with our brightest projector LTV-3500 UST, the D100 offers an impressive cinematic experience.

Is the AWOL VISION ALR screen also compatible with other ultra-short throw laser projectors?

Yes, our ALR screen is compatible with all UST projectors.

Is ALR screen a must for UST projection?

You can project on a flat wall or a white screen, but we recommend using an ALR screen to maximize your viewing experience. The ALR screen improves image quality by 80% and minimizes the effects of ambient light.

Do you have a customer support team?

Yes. Customer support is available 24/7 via email, chat and telephone. Customer support is located in FL. You can use FB or live chat on our website, or call us.

Can I install the ALR screen myself?

Yes, you can install it yourself as described in the user manual or installation guide video. Expect it to take 2 people 1-2 hours to set up the screen.

Why does the screen appear abnormal and very dark?

NOTE: The screen has a difference in up and down direction, read the installation instructions carefully and make sure the screen is installed in the correct direction.

What are the advantages of the AWOL ALR Cinematic screen compared to other manufacturers?

The gain and contrast of the projection screen is a rocker, high gain brings low contrast. The AWOL Vision Ambient Light Rejection Cinematic Screen is equipped with a high-contrast TPU HBSP material to achieve high gain without compromising contrast, allowing it to offer a contrast 100 times higher than standard ones matt white projection surfaces.

alr screen alr screen alr screen projector projector
100" Cinematic ALR Screen 100" daylight ALR screen 120" Cinematic ALR Screen 3500 lumens UST projector 2600 lumens UST projector
Model ALR-C100 ALR-D100 ALR-C120 LTV-3500 LTV-2500
Image size 100 inches 100 inches 120 inches 80-150 inches 80-150 inches
material HBSP black grid TPU Fresnel PET HBSP black grid TPU
Peak reinforcement on the axle 0.6dB 1.1dB 0.6dB
Resistance to ambient light 95% ceiling light 85% top and side light 95% ceiling light
Viewing angle 170° 90° 170°
Contrast versus matt white (illuminated environment) 100 times 75 times 100 times
Projection ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9
Dimensions 88*49.8*1.0 inches
88*49.8*1.0 inches
105.4*60*1.0 inches
23.6*13.9*5.7 inches
23.6*13.9*5.7 inches